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Annihilate The Bodies - The Spawn (2007)

Annihilate The Bodies desde los Estados unidos nos traen este disco titulado "The spawn" con un estilo Grindcore / Cybergrind / Electronic

Banda - Annihilate The Bodies
Disco - The Spawn
Año - (2007)
Genero - Grindcore / Cybergrind / Electronic
Pais - Estados Unidos

1. Hair Extentions and Ripping Hips Out (KoRn Needs More Brees)
2. I Said To Scream
3. Kabalah Aint No H03
4. Hi I'm Perfect And You Are
5. I ain't Gay I'm Dl Nigga
6. Death By Bree
7. Let's Get Hyphy
8. It's Called Respect Bitch You Gotta Suck It To Get
9. Turn Your Head And Cough
10. Bro Shorts Are Tough
11. Chris Benoit Dat Hoe
12. I've Decided To Be Gay
13. Guttural Cunt Spew
14. Ay Bay Bay
15. Channeling Gayness
16. Get Up Off Me Hoe
17. Jeffree Star
18. I Said Listen Cunt This Is Unforgiveble
19. Crank Dat Soulja Boy
20. Crank Dat Sissy Boy
21. Gutted So Cute
22. Woa Brah I Said Don't Touch My Man Hood

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