lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

Unleashed (Swe) - Where No Life Dwells (1991)

Aqui les dejo para que descarguen el disco de Unleashed " Where No Life Dwells" de 1991, buenisimo!!!

Banda: Unleashed
Album: Where No Life Dwells
Pais: Sweden
Año: 1991
Genero: Death Metal

1.Where No Life Dwells
2.Dead Forever
3.Before the Creation of Time
4.For They Shall Be Slain
5.If They Had Eyes
6.The Dark One
7.Into Glory Ride
8....And the Laughter Has Died
10.Violent Ecstasy
11.Where Life Ends


lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Violent Misery - First Step To A Violent Misery (2013)

Violent Misery  Banda Grindcore proveniente desde Francia, muy bueno!!! descargalooo!!!....

Banda: Carnage Of Humans
Album: First Step To A Violent Misery
Pais: Strasbourg, France
Año: 2013
Genero: Death Metal

1. Prochaine Station...
2. Grind as Fuck !!!
3. (11)
4. (8)
5. A Little Trip
6. (5)
7. (7)


Carnage Of Humans - Violence Demonstration (2011)

Carnage Of Humans  Banda  Death Metal proveniente desde Mexico, muy bueno!!! descargalooo!!!....

Banda: Carnage Of Humans
Album: Violence Demonstration
Pais: Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Año: 2013
Genero: Death Metal


1. Intro
2. Carnage of Humans
3. Crying for Your Life
4. My Fucking Destiny
5. Dr. Death
6. You Die in My Mind
7. Blinded by Madness
8. Agony
9. Vengeance of Death
10. Walking in Sheol
11. Mueres En Mi Mente (bonus track)

Grilled Human Brain - Delicious (special edition)(2013)

Grilled Human Brain  Banda Brutal  Death Metal proveniente desde Italia, mucha brutalidad!!! descargalooo!!!....

Banda: Grilled Human Brain
Pais: Florence, Italy
Año: 2013
Genero: Brutal Death Metal

1. Slow Motion Torture
2. Brutal Approach
3. Chainsaw Evisceration
4. Immured Tortured Beheaded
5. Drowned Body
6. Lobotomized By An Homeless

Disinterred - Demo MMXIII (2013)

Disinterred Banda Death Metal desde Bélgica  !!! descargaloo....

Banda: Disinterred 
Album: Demo MMXIII 
Pais: Genk, Belgium
Año: 2013
Genero: Death Metal

1. Apocalypse Reckons
2. No Escape
3. Once Bitten

Screwrot - Gastrointestinal Souvenirs (2013)

Screwrot Banda Brutal Slamming Death Metal proveniente desde Israel muy brutales!!! descargaloo....

Banda: Screwrot
Pais: Hajfa, Israel
Año: 2013
Genero: Brutal Slamming Death Metal

1. Eccentric Injuries
2. Gastrointestinal Souvenirs
3. Rectally Spanked Beyond All Recognition
4. Malevolent Gagging Abuse
5. Coprocultic Overdose
6. The Malicious Apparition
7. Molested Decapitation
8. Manifest of Entrails
9. Decaying Ulnar Collateral Ligament
10. Supreme Punishment
11. Defecation in the Confession Booth

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