jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Gangrena - The Zombie Survival Society [2012]

La banda Gangrena de Mexico me envio su nuevo disco de este 2012 "The Zombie Survival Society" esta muy brutal descargalo!!!

Banda: Gangrena
Album: The Zombie Survival Society
Año: 2012

Pais: Mexico
Genero: Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore

1. Extinction of Grotesque Humanity
2. The Zombie Survival Society (ft. Cain of Svin Killer)
3. Unappeasable Hunger For Living Flesh (ft. Mai of Grave Grinder)
4. No Salvation (ft. Christine Newman of Pyrrah)
5. Mortuary Horror (ft. Dr. Obn of Panchreatocholectomy)
6. Zombie Grinder Machine (ft. Sebas Gore of Coprocefalia)
7. Fleshwarper Marionetter (ft. Rot Screwrot of Morbid Crucifixion)
8. Cult of the Hungry Assassin (ft. Juan Leohn of Digging Your Tomb)
9. Outro (ft. Beast Butcher of Satanic Butcher)
10. Consequence (Ulcerous Phlegm cover)

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