miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Baby Basher - Bound For Torture Beaten Into Submission (2010)

Baby Basher excelente banda pornogore/grind!!! aqui el disco "Bound For Torture Beaten Into Submission" del 2010....descargalo... RECOMENDADO!!!

Banda: Baby Basher
Album: Bound For Torture Beaten Into Submission
Genero: pornogore/grind
Pais: USA
Año: 2010

1.StillBorn Stew
2.Catheric Hacked From The Veins Of Humanity
3.Consuming Vaginal Excrments
4.Maxi Pad Milkshake
5.Baby Batter Splatter
6.Bound For Torture,Beaten Into Submission
7.Get An Abortion
 8.Pre-Teen Sex Queen
 9.Money Shot Madness
 10.Haemotodipsomaniac Sensations
 11.Kill Your Baby(Chaos UK Cover)
12.Two Black Eyes Are Better Than One
 13.Bashing Female Babies
 14.Juan Campos Gay
 15.We Don't Like Your Shitty Band Either

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