lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Scumfuck - Fantasies in love (2006)

Desde alemania Scumfuck para los que todavia no tienen este disco del 2006 titulado " Fantasies in love". DESCARGALO!!!

Banda: Scumfuck
Album: Fantasies in love
Genero: Cyber/Pornogore/Grind
Pais: Alemania
Año: 2006

01. What I Do Is Not Legal
02. Killer Cunt Make Me Cum
03. Rectal Scum Bitch
04. Dicksaw Torture
05. Sheepfucking Cocksluts
06. My Horse In Your Wife
07. Daddy Cool
08. Excrements Of The Morbid Civilization
09. Aaaaaahhhh, This Bitch Has A Cock
10. Maggots On My Scrotum
11. Rhythm Of The Hermaphrodite
12. Merry Bitches
13. Bloody Bitch, Suck My Cock
14. Meat And Guts (Old Stuff)
15. Necrophile Love (Old Stuff)
16. Living Dead Girl (Old Stuff)
17. Bondage Party (Old Stuff)
18. Attack Of The Mega Clit's
19. Aidsinfected Barebacking Gaywhore

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