jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Dissectionphiliac - Semen Drenched Human Leftovers (2011) (Demo)

Dissectionphiliac banda de Usa con su demo "Semen Drenched Human Leftovers" del año 2011 nos ofrecen 19 temas de Noisy Goregrind...Descargalo!!!

Banda: Dissectionphiliac
Album: Semen Drenched Human Leftovers [demo]
Año: 2011
Pais: USA
Genero: Noisy Goregrind

01. Stomach Contents 
 02. Vagina Lips Removal 
03. Skin Infections Of Foreskin 
 04. Sexual Deviousness Involving A Hack-Saw 
05. An Unfresh Face To Fuck 
06. Leave The Body In The Sewer 
07. Botched Sexchange Carnage 
08. Spleen Eater 
09. You Will Rot Alone 
10. Slow Dissection On A Human Guinea Pig 
11. Injecting The Knife 
12. Wading In A Pile Of Intestines 
13. Ocular Puncturing 
14. Licking Along The Genital Lesions 
15. Decapitation Faceplant 
16. Sectioning The Limbs From The Body 
17. Virility Gains From Dining On Placenta 
18. Brain Custard 
19. Exiting In Pieces 

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