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Amoebic Dysentery - Floaters & Sinkers (2001)

Ahora este repugnante material goregrind llamado Amoebic Dysentery con una enfermedad mental al extremo, proveniente desde USA con el album Floaters & Sinkers (2001).

Banda: Amoebic Dysentery
Album: Floaters & Sinkers
Genero: Goregrind
Pais: EE.UU
Año: 2001

1. Intro - Porno Holocaust
2. Anal Bead Bonanza
3. Diarrhea of a Coprophagic
4. Intestinal Sushi
5. Mall Metal Massacre
6. W.W.P.S (World Wide Penguin Sitcom)
7. The Suspect Is Ass-Umed to Be Armed, Fisted, and Analingused
8. Little Birdie Butt Fucked
9. Pleasant Fecal Aroma
10. Intro - Vomit Sex in G Minor
11. Macaroni and Manchowder
12. See What Puberty Does to These Teens
13. Transgender Bestiality Bash
14. Hot Log Consumption
15. If Your Friend Jack Got Stuck On A Horse, Would You Help Jack Off the Horse?
16. Viral Defecation
17. Wanking Off to Grandpas Mags
18. Drowning in Steve Urkels Homemade Lemonade
19. Sipping On a Hot Cup of Steve Urkels Shit
20. Feasting On Steve Urkels Disgorged Intestinal Fluid
21. Steve Urkels Adventures in Bestiality the Violation of Lassie
22. Defecated Delicacy (Urkel Remix)

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