viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

WADGE Grindcore Lu'au (2011)

Les dejo esta banda de Canada llamada Wadge de estilo grindcore.

Banda: Wadge
Album: Grindcore Lu'au
Año: 2011
Genero: Grindcore
Pais: Canada

01. In Stink Of Arrivals
02. Grindcore Lu'au
03. Extremity Jet-Planed/ EyesOf Crust/ Obstinate Erection
04. Basking Under The Great Frost Of The Eternal Hawai'ian Winter
05. Beneath The Lagoon
06. Drink For A Minute (Suffer The Distilled Men)
07. Deadly Curse
08. Big Wave Grindcore Slack Attack
09. Polluted Hinds (Mai Tais Above)
10. That Little Grass Shack
11. Lost Kingdom Of The Menehune
12. Forgotten Cult Of The Peoples Tiki Temple
13. Gurgle Of The Wayward Wind7
14. Lucid Jeri Curl
15. Monsters Of Honolulu
16. Tiki Battalion Unleashed
17. My Sweet Hawai'i
18. Pineapple Sickness
19. Sharpen The Chisels
20. Ten Tiny Toes Would Be Sick!
21. Frenzied Surfication
22. Demon Dogs Of Waikiki
23. Vestige Of Surfly Remains

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