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EVISCERATED REMNANTS - Urinary Tract Infection (Ep) (2007)

Estilo: Goregrind
Pais: Chile

Ciudad: Coquimbo

1.Happy Day, Increasing My Straws
2.Increase Of The Amount Of Lees In More Than 200g - 24h
3.Necrosis And Ulcers Of The Rectal Tissue
4.Spillage Of Contaminated Intestinal Contents Into The Abdominal
5.My Sister Wendy In His First Time...With A Black Pichulon
6.Nastiest Shit Disease
7.Rupture Of The Colon's Walls By Acute Angles Of The Fecalomas
8.Dicaprio, Controls Your Digestion And It Buys A Coal Tablet
9.Sexual Excitation Practicing Anal Sex With Children
10.Tumor Made Of Feces
11.Noneven To Run Shemale, Or They Cut Dick And The Tits To You (part I)
12.Noneven To Run Shemale, Or They Cut Dick And The Tits To You (part II)
13.Prison Humping
14.Observes How It Defecates Another Person Or Greasing Excrement On Its Body
15.Tortures To Dry Wood Of Eggs And The Pullet (Tortura HP)
16.Master Blowjob To Your Mother
17.Testicular Penetration (bonus track)

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