jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Amphibian - Poisonous Pleasures (2011)

Amphibian banda cyber/porngoregrind muy buena directamente desde Mexico!!! DESCARGARLO!!!

Banda: Amphibian
Album: Poisonous Pleasures
Año: 2011
Genero: cyber/porngoregrind
Pais: Mexico

1. Submerged in Corporal Fluids of a Frog
2. Greenish and Disgusting Big Frogs
3. Dildo Frog
4. Drowned in Shit Swamp
5. Toads Inside your Ass
6. Caninus Cunnilingus (Sperm Swamp Cover)
7. Amphibians killing Stupid Humans
8. All the shit of Amphibian for you
9. The Fetish Frog Squad
10. Animal Depravation
11. Eat Poisonous Toads
12. The Anal Zophilia Taste

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